Communication & Collaboration

Hybrid Working

In the post-pandemic era, work and meeting remotely become part of our day-to-day lives. And changing the way of work becomes essential.

We aim to help you to get the work done smoothly with remote collaboration and productivity.

Corporate Connection Is the sole partner of FunTech Innovation in UAE. We know what working from home feels like, and how it changes the way we communicate. When hybrid working becomes new normal, our piece of technology helps you to get rid of that hassle and show you how your working desk should be set up for efficiency. Connection and collaboration made easy!

We are providing you with a Full HD webcam featuring auto light correction that tunes your image and provides great output for simple conference usage.

  • Built-in noise-canceling microphones.
  • Looking great in any light
  • Privacy secured
  • 30 Seconds Setup
  • Flexibility

Blended Learning

Learning new things is never easy, not to mention learning online. Setting up a comfortable learning space where kids can sit for a long time is our mission by keeping them focused and engaged throughout the class. Having remote access by the immersive 180° full-room coverage view webcam allows them to be able to see the entire classroom as if they are at school.

  • Super Easy Setup
  • User Friendly
  • Follows Your Move
  • Block background noise
  • Showing different angles of an object
  • Very good for Students and Teachers.

Online Coaching

Share your passion, stream your dream no matter you are a teacher or a learner, student, coach, entrepreneur. We provide you with the solutions to achieve more in the digital world.

Corporate connection helps you to stream your content or masterclass virtually on your favorite platform with very high performance and quality and more.

Corporate  Connection provides you with the 180° panoramic view webcam for improving interactivity and engagement for bigger spaces like a dancing studio, rehearsal room, conferences, our high-performance webcam with the 180° panoramic view helps you to see the whole view with everyone’s reaction and improving engagement and interactivity.

  • High-performance microphone
  • Natural lighting balance
  • 4K Beautiful Image with Super Wide View Angle
  • Capture the Whole View
  • Superior image quality,
  • True to life video color

Consulting Services

Our experts can help you save costs and time by customizing the solutions which meet increasing business demands and provide an enhanced competitive edge.