Connected AI & Automation

Robotic/Business Process


What can you achieve through using RPA, BOTS, and AI capabilities? Our Industryleading vendors like Automation Anywhere, Mendex, Automation Edge are providing solutions that:

  • Improve business workflow
  • Reduce risks.
  • Reduce employee labor cost
  • Reduce human errors
  • Increase quality data
  • Data collection and segmentation
  • Reduce workload

Artificial/ Assisted

Intelligence (Rapid Data)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a single technology but a set of methods and tools with sub-domains applied to countless situations where it’s needed:

  • Smart decision making
  • Improved customer experience
  • Complex data analysis
  • Business performance
  • Managing repetitive tasks.

Low Code Application

Development (Mendex)

Mendix Platform delivers a high productivity low-code platform to rapidly build applications at scale making it possible for IT to assemble workflows and business apps without the need for hand-coding.

BPA & AI Consulting Services

Corporate Connections provides consultancy services to clients for AI, RPA, and Big Data to automate existing redundant processes. Our clients’ systems become:

  • Agile,
  • Accurate,
  • Automated
  • Profitable

Design & Architecture Services

A well-implemented design and architecture service can help to identify design risks and mitigate them early in the development process, lowering the risks and wastage of resources.

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