Connected Cloud Solutions

Data Collection & Analytics


Our solution from Datahub is a robust survey and data insights platform that empowers businesses to make smart decisions through:

  • Anticipating Customer’s Needs
  • Reducing Risk & Fraud
  • Delivering Relevant Information
  • Layering the Audience
  • Improving the Customer Experience

Ricoh Smart Integration


If you are in need of:

  • A better user experience
  • Business scalability
  • Flexibility in implementing changes
  • Seamless integration
  • Simplified workflow

We present you a complete platform that provides cloud-based apps and document work low integration across devices

Digital Signature Solutions

(Validate ID -Ricoh)

A Saas that can provide trust for your electronic signatures and digital identity, a paperless workflow, a sustainable and cost-managed workplace.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

As the business world is evolving the need for higher flexibility in making the workloads and data to move between private and public clouds is growing consistently. By partnering with leading industry vendors and Public Cloud service providers we can cover both On-premises and Off-premises cloud solutions.

Iaas, PaaS & Saas Solutions

Our partners from partnering with Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Al Jammaz cloud offer: Cloud computing services for Infrastructure, Applications, and Business Softwares

Migration Services

Providing seamless Cloud migration services from on-premises to public/ private cloud in order to make IT processes more efficient and scalable.

Consulting Services

Our experts can help you save costs and time by customizing the solutions which meet increasing business demands and provide an enhanced competitive edge.

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