Managed Services

Managed Printing services (MPS)

Our integrated document management applications allow you to implement a standardised intelligent solution in every office. Starting with your MFP you can capture, process, connect and automate paper information into digital information that flows effortlessly into and through the electronic channels of your business.

Our powerful solutions can help you realise significant operational cost savings of up to 40% alongside process improvements whilst achieving your security, compliance and sustainability objectives. It helps organizations to manage their print usage for all printing and copying expenses.

Allocating these costs to the appropriate account, encourages everyone to promote responsible printing, as well as minimize wasted paper and toner.

  • Improve efficiency.
  • Save the environment.
  • Reduce costs by controlling the printing hidden fees.
  • Allocate output costs to individuals,departments or billing codes.
  • Set and enforce individual/ group print quotas.
  • Monitor the cartridges if its running low and solve it automatically.

Digitization services

Digitization services is the process of converting all the information you have into a digital format which impact your efficiency and productivity.With our digitising solutions you can convert your hardcopy archives into digital searchable files regardless of their format or source. Once your files are converted they can be securely stored or shared to enhance your business processes.

  • Disaster recovery.
  • Saving paper and costs.
  • Auditing easily.
  • Decrease the environmental footprint.