Accelerate Your Document Distribution With Intelligent Scanning

Industry Findings:

  • Business workers typically misfile 2-7 percent of all records.
  • Industry analysts estimate that Information Workers spend 30% of their time finding information
  • Large organization loses a document every 12seconds.
  • A major financial institution lost a $1.5B lawsuit for failing to produce required documents
  • 67 percent of data loss is directly related to user blunders.
  • A Turkish bank was spending 16 days to manually process credit card applications


  • Long-term preservation of digitized records as per the ISO 19005-1:2005 and legal compliance
  • Improves efficiency in the operations by getting the information quickly and distribute easily
  • Helps to classify/standardize and convert unstructured data to structured data
  • Breaks the closed architecture and becomes modular, distributable, describable & shareable
  • Cost of physical storage and paper handling can be reduced and creates less paper office environment
  • eRecord helps as backup of Contents for disaster recovery and business continuity

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