MDS Consultancy

The objective of our professional services is to achieve the following

In-depth analysis of your current equipments:
Understand your current Print environment (e.g. actual cost, usage by volume per department, per building & site).

Print Behaviour
Efficiently optimize your current MFP purchase by defining the right usage.

Awareness & Reduction of Costs
Save Cost & Energy, Reduce your TCO, Improve your productivity and grow greener in your document production.

Offering the Right Services for your current situation
Design the best complete solution, based on your current reality in cooperation with you.

Managed Document Services (MDS)

MDS is the heart of our professional services. With MDS your output environment can actively and proactively be governed. This involves the monitoring, controlling and improvement of your output technology as well as processes related to document management:

  • We will accurately show you the current costs on document production.
  • Savings by optimizing the print fleet based on your requirement. Ensure control on Departmental Cost.
  • Remotely reporting of machine related information, fixing and eliminating your operational cost.

Benefits of MDS

  • Keep Zero Downtime of your Machines performance
  • Decreased document-related expenses
  • Controlled expenditures
  • Increase employee productivity by improving processes
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce waste
  • Continuous improvement with Document Lifecycles Analysis
  • Greener citizen as one of the Major Organization.

Request a free survey to know your accurate current cost and how much you can save right away by deploying our MDS.